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12 August 2015 @ 12:00 pm
Here are my stories in the right order to read them, if that is they have more than one story. :)

Original Fiction:

This is my original stuff. I wrote all of this currently here a few years back. XD It's not all my original stuff, it's spread over a few places. But I still quite like all of it. :D

Silent Wish (All versions and right timeline):

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Alana & Sarah (
Working title):

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No Angels:

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Devil's Domain
Just a hint for new readers: Devil is a cat.)

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One shots and stories who have yet to had stuff added to them:

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(This one needs some editing. Not the story, but the format and mention of friends locking.)

Real Person Slash:

All RPS is obviously fiction and never happened. They are not meant to imply anything about a person's sexuality or personality, after all it's all made up and I don't actually know these people. Not meant to offend them or anyone they know.

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I don't own any of these shows. Only written for my own and other's amusement.

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12 February 2011 @ 03:44 am

Authors: dangerous_47 & casey270
Artist: @sonicscrewed // zerbitz.deviantart.com
Betas: fireangel8723 and casey270

Type: AU, Supernatural, Romance
Word Count: A little over 30,000
Rating: Over all NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Lambliff, Past Kradam (only for like a minute)
Warnings: Bloodplay, breath play, character death (not major), strong language and violence. Also some stuff maybe bordering on dub-con.

Disclaimer: This is obviously fictional and never happened. They are not meant to imply anything about a person's sexuality or personality, after all this is all made up and we don't actually know these people. Not meant to offend them or anyone they know.

Summary: Adam and Tommy move in to a new place, in a new town after their last town got them a bit too hot under the collar and expect to be able to relax, sleep the day away and get some work done during regular vampiric hours, but a certain spunky next door were has other ideas and a blast from Tommy's past comes back to bite him in the ass, and surprises Adam with new information about his partner.

Author's Note: So, umh, this thing started like a little over like 8 months ago. I started this 'verse before lambliffbigbang came around, wrote some little ficlets and Casey betaed.

Then she went all you should use it for LBB, or well the prequel I was planning. But then I was all oh, I don't know and then she suggested we do it together and then we had to expand it and it took forever but it was really kinda easy. Some bumps in the road, but not that many really.

Anyways this thing would not be around at all if it wasn't for her so yeah, ya know. She rocks. XD \o/ And @sonicscrewed for making the art. :3333 And fireangel8723 for betaing, even tho Casey betaed too. XDD

I hope everyone enjoys this thing that took like forever to write and just putting this thing together to post took forever because I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

Link to fic master post: YOU'RE ALREADY HERE
Link to art master post: ART @ DEVIANT ART

PDF (ficlets and lbb all in one) made by dawnmyst: Download here

Parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Ficlets (in chronological order): Untitled (Pre-under your skin) - Taste Of Salt (Pre-Under your skin) - Pretty Things (Post-Under your skin)
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30 January 2011 @ 01:21 am

I am you and you are me
We will never be alone
I have finally found my place in everything
I have finally found my home
-Vessel, Nine Inch Nails

Moving in the middle of the night wasn't something that Adam was ever gonna get used to, but, as he and Tommy liked to joke, it was a necessary evil. It wasn't as if they weren't strong enough to do the lifting, and they always rented furnished apartments; it was just that everyone else in the building was always asleep when the two of them were carrying everything in.

It wasn't easy being quiet, considerate neighbors while they were schlepping all their worldly belongings along strange, dark hallways. Their night vision might have been honed to a fine point, but neither one of them could see through cardboard.

So when Adam apologized for the third time for hitting Tommy in the back of the head with the heaviest box they had, Tommy lost his cool. He turned back to look at Adam with blazing eyes and hissed.

"Did you just fucking hiss at me?" Adam asked, and anyone who might have been awake would have heard the sarcastic sincerity dripping from his words. "I said I was sorry. What the hell else do you want? You wanna carry all these boxes by yourself? It's not like you haven't done this without me before, you know."

Tommy rolled his eyes before...Collapse )

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30 January 2011 @ 12:41 am

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I don't wanna wake up from you
-Sweet Dreams, Beyoncé

Adam woke up around two that afternoon and stretched out like a cat, even though that was more Tommy's deal than his. Thankfully the sun was not shining into the room, because before Tommy left he'd remembered to close the blinds. He sometimes forgot because the sun wasn't an issue for him, so he wasn’t always considerate of how much it bothered Adam.

But the peace and quiet of a dark room didn't last long, because once again there was some commotion in the hallway. Adam was really starting to wonder if they’d moved into the wrong building or something.

Someone was out there, cursing up a storm and kicking or pounding on something. Adam really didn't want to get out of bed, but he also really didn't want to lie there and listen to all that noise all day, so he grabbed his sleep pants that he'd kicked off that morning, looked at the missing drawstring still tied to the headboard and reached for some jeans and a T-shirt instead.

He pulled open the front door and...Collapse )

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30 January 2011 @ 12:36 am

I didn't want to hurt you
I didn't want to hurt you
but you're pretty when you cry
-Pretty when you cry, VAST

Adam had picked up that night's dinner at the closest club to their new apartment and was in the process of bringing it home to Tommy. Except he wasn't literally bringing it home. Too many dead bodies turning up close to where they lived would bring unwanted attention. Instead, they had made arrangements to meet in an alley that they'd seen when looking over the new locale.

Finding a suitable candidate for that night's meal had proven to be more difficult than Adam would have thought possible. Apparently the town they'd picked to move to didn't really believe in staying up past ten o'clock, which would afford less opportunity for them to be observed while they participated in their nocturnal activities, but it would severely limit the availability of a ready source of food. After using the first part of the night familiarizing themselves with local gathering spots, neither he nor Tommy had felt the desire to venture as far as neighboring towns in search of their meal, so their options were limited to one particular, rather seedy looking dive.

Adam had a taste for something young and vibrant, but after being at the club for a few hours he'd decided that time was running out, and he'd have to settle for a second stringer. Tommy had been a little grumpy after being woken so early that morning, and Adam didn't want to leave him waiting any longer than he had to. Not that he considered his time wasted. He'd enjoyed the dancing and drinking, but most of all he'd enjoyed moving to the music and feeling the thumping bass line reverberating throughout his body.

When Adam moved, people watched. They couldn't help themselves. He didn't just move to the music, he became the music. The sensuous sway of his hips, the taunting smirk on his lips, the way that he allowed the music complete dominion over his entire being mesmerized anyone lucky enough to witness it. He always had a crowd of admiring onlookers when he finished, and he wasn't above using this to pick the best specimen for their dinner.

The possibilities in their new hometown...Collapse )

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